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Saint-Gobain Marine Applications has brought together no less than eight renowned specialists in the field of glazing, insulation, flooring, interior finishing, valves, pipes, fittings, climate control and more. With these solutions the goal is to change dead load into paying load!

This new approach will enable lighter and more efficient ships to be constructed, reduce energy consumption, increase security and fire safety and improve the comfort of passengers and crew – with integrated solutions that will be a sound investment for the future.
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Saint-Gobain supplies to Ship Design of the Year 2013

Shippax Awards1During the Ferry Shipping Conference, the FjordLine `Stavangerfjord´ was awarded the Shippax Award `Best ship design 2013` Fjord Line was also awarded for being the first largest cruise ferry operated exclusively with liquefied natural gas ( LNG). Saint-Gobain Weber supplied floating floor solutions onboard this prize winning vessel.

“The Shippax Awards” were presented at the annual Ferry Shipping Conference which brings together 350 representatives from nearly 50 international ferry companies and the supply industry onboard the  Tallink ship ” Romantika “, which sails between Stockholm and Riga.