Changing dead load into paying load with Saint-Gobain ISOVER

ISOVER’s high performance insulation material ULTIMATE is for the fourth time in row rewarded with an award by ISO 2010, the trade fair for insulation technology. A new product in the light weight ULTIMATE range is the Marine Wired Mat.

 The unique qualities of ULTIMATE permit the construction of a new generation of ships with increased load capacities, reduced weight and lower fuel consumption. Among others, the vessels concerned include the cruise liners Celebrity Equinox and AIDAblu, with weight savings of several hundred tonnes respectively, thanks to the impressive properties and effectiveness of ULTIMATE, the new generation of mineral wool.

The numerous product advantages of ULTIMATE convinced also the independent international jury of the ISO 2010. Isover has received the award four times in series for different solutions.

 New product

ULTIMATE Marine Wired Mat, a new product in the ULTIMATE range, combines high performance in thermal, acoustic and fire protection with weight savings up to 50 percent. Above all the outstanding thermal conductivity helps to save energy and thus to reduce emissions. Furthermore the effective and innovative packaging saves logistic and installation costs.


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Press Release

New perspectives by Saint-Gobain Marine Applications  


Saint-Gobain Marine Applications (SGMA) has launched a new global marketing campaign featuring the message ’New Perspectives by Saint-Gobain’. Wherever specialists work together, new perspectives are bound to emerge. For this reason, Saint-Gobain Marine Applications has brought together no less than ten renowned specialists in the field of glazing, insulation, flooring, interior finishing, climate control and more. Discover the new perspectives of Saint-Gobain Marine Applications at the SMM, the leading trade fair for the international shipbuilding and marine equipment industry.      

The new approach of Saint-Gobain Marine Applications will enable lighter and more efficient ships to be constructed, reduce energy consumption, increase security and fire safety and improve the comfort of passengers – with integrated solutions that will be a sound investment for the future. Right from the initial stages of a project, Saint-Gobain provides architects, designers, owners and administrative authorities with a wide selection of innovative products and services for the construction or renovation of ships. ”Our products comply with the environmental, energy efficiency, light weight, safety, aesthetic and comfort requirements for ships that are omnipresent in our customers’ specifications”, says Hans-Juul Jacobsen, Market Manager Saint-Gobain Marine Applications.

Redesigned website

Saint-Gobain Marine Applications has recently launched its redesigned website:  The website was created in the style of the new marketing campaign: functional, interesting and professional. “We are currently developing marketing and communication tools to generate optimum visibility for our solutions and services”, explains Ruben Wansink, Marketing Manager Saint-Gobain Marine Applications. “We already have launched a marketing campaign and a new website to present the added value of our products, particularly the advantage of working with a global player that combines many skills in the areas of construction products and innovative materials.”

Participation SMM

Saint-Gobain Marine Applications, created in 2004, consists of nine international Saint-Gobain companies: Isover, Weber, Vetrotech, Kinon, Sully, Interior Glass Solutions, Dubrit, Gyproc and Technical Fabrics. They work in cooperation with Halton. These companies will present themselves and their innovative products at the SMM under the banner of Saint-Gobain Marine Applications in a 150 square meters booth. SGMA’s exhibition booth will be located in Hall B5, Stand 420. Ruben Wansink: ”We are excited to participate at the SMM, where we will feature our high quality products. As the exhibition attracts a global audience, we look forward to meeting with current and potential new customers to explore opportunities to further advance our global business.” The SMM is taking place in the Congress Center Hamburg with the participation of nearly 2,000 companies from 50 nations.