Elastomer insulation solutions that set new standards in energy efficiency and fire, noise and corrosion protection.

High standards for demanding conditions

Maritime environments can be extremely challenging. During intercontinental crossings, insulation needs to withstand both icy temperatures in Nordic waters and hot, tropical climates. More than ever, fire and personal protection are essential as the vessel may be a long a way from land and rescue services. The UN International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea recognises the importance of using insulation materials offering high levels of fire safety, which are also free of halogens and PVC to avoid chlorine vapour poisoning. 

Equipped with complex mechanical and electronic systems, modern ships are technologically advanced, whether huge cruise ships or FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Offloading Unit) vessels. Each vessel requires tailored solutions adapted to a very specific context. 

With deep sector experience, the Kaimann teams have transformed these requirements into a range of high-performance insulation solutions for marine and offshore installations. 


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Tailored insulation solutions for your vessel  

Over the years, Kaimann has developed, tested and perfected a range of solutions for your cold-water pipes for air conditioning, cooling and drinking water systems. The teams are currently also developing solutions LNG (liquified natural gas) and LPG (liquified petroleum gas) pipes, as more and more ships used these fuels. Solutions are also available for your floating production, storage and offloading units. 

  • Anti-corrosion: avoid condensation at higher humidity and temperatures with a built-in vapour barrier  

  • Excellent insulating properties: save energy and avoid thermal bridges with pipe supports 

  • Complete portfolio: discover solutions for all common pipe dimensions with customisation on request 

  • Fire properties: meet international regulations with halogen-free options also available  

  • Easy installation and logistics: simplify with easy-to-handle 1.2m lengths and self-adhesive options  

  • Kaicalc design support: make cost and CO2 savings, find ideal thickness for any climatic conditions and optimise your design 

Protecting HVAC and cold-water pipes

Kaimann insulation materials keep the temperature in cold water pipes within the defined range. With superior insulating properties and an in-built vapour barrier, they contribute to a constant temperature, prevent condensation and minimise the risk of corrosion. At the same time, the pipe insulation also enhances acoustic comfort: there is less noise from neighbouring cabins caused by water hissing when showering or washing hands – a major advantage on modern cruise ships with up to 2,500 cabins. 


Discover our high-performance insulation solutions

Kaimann provides complete solutions to thermally insulate HVAC and cold-water pipes on your vessels: full systems, certifications and accessories, as well as on-site services like KaiCalc and installation training. 



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Preventing corrosion  

Cold-water pipes attract moisture in the warm air, which causes condensation to form, especially if the humidity and temperature is high. To prevent condensation, Kaimann has developed a specific flexible elastomeric insulating foam, Kaiflex®. A built-in vapour barrier makes it the ideal material for thermally insulating HVAC and chilled water pipes on ships. Preventing condensation protects against corrosion, as well as mould and microorganisms. This in turn reduces your maintenance costs and makes the vessel more durable. 

A leading company in elastomer insulation technology and innovation

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Innovation, intelligence and improvement

Driven by innovative ideas and the desire for continuous improvement, Kaimann strives to make the best possible flexible rubber insulation materials. To make this vision a reality, the teams adapt to customer needs, constantly refining and improving production processes, technologies, solutions, packaging and shipping.



Intelligent production technology to ensure efficient manufacturing and consistent quality.

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Innovative logistics and packaging to simplify and speed up shipping, storage, delivery and handling.


Continuous improvement and a willingness to listen to ensure maximum flexibility and added value. 

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