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Innovative coating consumables and equipment for the Marine industry combining easy application and maximum durability. 

Innovating with coating solutions

Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions is a trusted partner for materials and equipment that meet the most demanding application challenges, particularly in the Marine and Offshore industry. With extensive technological resources, the teams apply their deep expertise in material science and processing to develop innovative materials and solutions for a wide range of coating technologies, including Thermal Spray, Hardfacing, Magnetron Sputtering and EB-PVD. 

As a business unit of the Saint-Gobain Group, Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions brings together experts and brands to manufacture consumables and equipment for functional coatings in a broad range of markets including Marine, but also Aerospace, Energy, Automotive and Electronics – always working to the highest industry standards. 


A wide choice of durable, easy-to-apply thermal spray solutions:

  • Spraying equipment and consumables to apply anti-corrosion protection to steel ships 

  • Spray guns that melt zinc and aluminium wires onto the hull 


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Adapted to extreme Marine conditions

Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions offers a broad range of thermal spray equipment and consumables to protect parts and machinery against high-temperature oxidation, abrasion, erosion and corrosion in demanding Marine and Offshore applications. Using their vast knowledge of materials technology and process engineering, the teams deliver durable coating solutions that last for up to 20 years to extend service life, while reducing downtime and costly repairs – whether you are building cruise ships, cargo vessels or oil and gas platforms. 


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With deep experience across the entire spectrum – equipment, powders, materials, process know-how and coating solutions – we can offer our customers a full package that meets the requirements of demanding Marine applications and provides solutions that over time. 



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At the cutting-edge of thermal spraying

Applying a metallic (metallising) coating of zinc or aluminium, as a sacrificial coating to protect the underlying components, is one of the most effective ways to protect steel from corrosion. For optimised results, Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions developed Thermal Spray Aluminium (TSA) applied using its lightweight Z-Jet Wire Flame Spray – enabling you to protect all kinds of metal structure even in the most aggressive marine and coastal environments. Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions metallisation solutions are fast and easy to apply with an up to 5 times longer lifetime than paint alternatives due to a combination of passive and galvanic protection. 

As well as having a longer life, Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions offer enhanced scratch resistance, and the equipment is among the lightest on the market – making it easier for workers to carry and handle for easier and faster application. 


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As part of Saint-Gobain Marine, Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions is ready to optimise your marine projects, across an array of applications and sectors, in partnership with other leading marine brands.

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