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Discover tailored solutions for your onboard radomes and marine coatings.

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Adapted products for your special applications

In addition to your insulation, walls, ceilings and flooring, many projects have specific applications that need to be taken into account. Through our brands, Saint-Gobain Marine provides solutions to help you meet two of them: radomes and marine coatings. 

By protecting your radar antenna, radomes help optimise navigation in all weather conditions and detect obstacles, as well as enable and enhance communication. Choosing an adapted solution with a hydrophobic surface is therefore essential on any kind of vessel, whether you need to protect dish antennas tracking fixed satellites or for broadband transmission for television, voice, data, and the internet on large cruise ships and oil tankers. 

Your choice of marine coating solutions will also play a key role in the performance of your vessel. By reducing wear and the risk of corrosion, effective coating solutions are key to minimising maintenance costs and increasing the lifespan of your vessel. As well as affecting service life, corrosion also has a detrimental effect on costs in terms of service time, down time, performance levels and, ultimately, asset value. 


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Our brands for Special Applications

Saint-Gobain Coating Solution

A tailored selection of thermal spray equipment and consumables​ to protect your vessel from abrasion, erosion, corrosion and oxidation. 
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Designed for demanding marine contexts, SHEERGARD radomes provide resistance to impact, corrosion and moisture to protect your radar and ensure optimised communication
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Maximum protection from your radomes 

By providing a structural, weatherproof enclosure, radomes protect your radar antenna from the elements and conceal electronic equipment from view. Drawing on over 70 years of experience, SHEERGUARD has developed ground-mounted, airborne and shipboard solutions. Subject to stringent analysis and testing, from wind and vibration to strength and material characterisation, all the solutions come with turnkey installation services. Our marine solutions combine best wet EM performance, flexible and rigid composite expertise, cradle-to-cradle integration, reliable performance and low maintenance – whether for surveillance purposes or combat management systems. 

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Combining durability and cost-savings with your marine coatings 

Choosing adapted thermal spray equipment and consumables can protect your parts and machinery against oxidation, abrasion, erosion and corrosion in demanding Marine and Offshore applications. Effective coating solutions extend service life, while reducing downtime and costly repairs. The thickness of the coating plays a key role. Both over and under application can cause problems and it is therefore important to follow manufacturer guidelines. For example, over-application at new build can result in paint failure if you don’t leave insufficient time for the coating to cure properly before loading the first cargo. 

Applying a metallic coating of zinc or aluminium as a sacrificial coating is one of the most effective ways to protect your steel parts from corrosion. To achieve optimal results, Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions developed Thermal Spray Aluminium (TSA) and the lightweight Z-Jet Wire Flame Spray – enabling you to protect any kind metal structure. This kind of metallisation solutions increases the lifespan of your parts by up to 5 times longer than paint alternatives. Additional factors to consider are scratch resistance and light equipment that is easy for workers to carry and handle for faster application. 

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