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is the world leader in the habitat and construction markets. We design, manufacture and distribute building materials, providing innovative solutions for comfortable, energy efficient, healthy and aesthetically superior buildings while at the same time protecting natural resources.

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offers a whole range of high performance marine glass with an almost endless number of options and many extra features. Living up to a modern demand for comfort, safety and high security. Vetrotech Kinon is able to provide significant savings in energy, weight and HVAC-consumption with sophisticated glass solutions. Vetrotech is able to offer designers extra safety, increased efficiency and lower operating costs.

For more information please contact our marine solutions specialist:

Jesper Nielsen 

+45 26 87 52 82


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offers high performance floor systems, suitable for use in all commercial and industrial environments in addition to marine applications. The flooring systems are built layer by layer to provide the optimum solution for each individual client’s requirement. Weber floor systems comply with the toughest Marine requirements. Weber also offers FIRESHIELD fire retardant plywood and DURAPLY hygienic linings.

For more information please contact our sales manager marine & offshore: 

Robin Mattson

+47 902 69 343


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the worldwide leader in insulation products, provides the right answer:
ULTIMATE,  the new, high-performance insulation material, combines all the advantages of conventional insulation used for fire, thermal and acoustic applications while at the same time allowing substantial weight savings.

For more information please contact our marine solutions specialist: 

Carole Durantet

+41 21 906 05 82



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Brødrene Dahl

BD Marine is a supplier of piping, piping products and valves to the maritime industry.
We supply products and technical solutions to the right quality, and can offer the best logistics and distribution system on the market.
In addition we have established warehouses in Romania and Vietnam to better serve international customers as well.

For more information please contact our marine sales manager: 

Ivar Haukås

+47 948 56 388


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Saint-Gobain Sully

Saint-Gobain Sully offers high-technological and innovative solutions for marine glass and windows. Saint-Gobain Sully is a reference in the field of Glass and Windows for Surface Warships.
It has been supplying many shipyards and navies from all over the world for more than 50 years.

For more information please contact our business manager glass for Marine & Armoured Vehicles

Pierre-Yves Zini

+33 2 38 37 30 47


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Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions

Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions offers a broad range of thermal spray equipment and consumables to protect parts and machinery against high-temperature oxidation, abrasion, erosion and corrosion in demanding oil and gas applications. We apply our vast knowledge of materials technology and process engineering to deliver coatings solutions that extend service life and reduce downtime for costly repairs.

For more information please contact our marine sales manager:

Franz Gerstgrasser

+49 172 235 41 86


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SageGlass represents nothing less than a fundamental shift in the way we experience ships—the ultimate connector between our built and natural environments. Come discover the benefits of tintable electrochromic glass. Electrochromic technology gives SageGlass the power to tint on demand—from a darkened state that absorbs and reradiates away the sun’s unwanted heat and glare, to a clear state that maximizes daylight and solar energy.

For more information please contact our sales project manager :

Brian Hansen

+45 26 11 93 78


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High-performance radomes with options for unique styling, delivering the highest RF performance, to improve the efficiency of maritime operations or maximize bandwidth and connection speeds

For more information please contact our business development manager :

Victoria Kale

+1 330 298 3993


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Lightweight non-combustible gypsum board (MED approved) for walls and ceilings in marine projects, both new construction and renovation, flexible to allow for creative designs, yet strong and durable.

For more information please contact our international specification manager SGMA :

Kjetil Bjørgen

+47 913 46 353


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Acoustic ceilings and wall panels to create optimal room acoustics for comfortable indoor environments

For more information please contact our Sales Process Director :

Max Falck    

+46 42 17 99 77


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Kaimann offers a wide range of elastomeric insulating materials for a very wide range of applications, including the marine & offshore industry.

Thanks to Kaimann, SGMA is the only insulation manufacturer providing complete portfolio for hot and cold applications.

For more information please contact our marine segment manager:

Sebastian Mailänder

+49 171 6000 221


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