Conference on Design & Operation of Passenger Ships, London 2019

The rapid growth of passenger ships over the last twenty years in the travel and tourism industry prompted cruise lines and ferries operators to build ever more innovative ships to cater for the diverse needs of a growing number of passengers. This has including ever increasing size of vessels to benefit from the economy of scale, small vessels specialising in more niche markets, vessels catering specifically for the growing Asia cruise market and vessels capable of itineraries to a greater range of destinations including environmentally sensitive areas.


To further investigate this aspect of the industry, RINA invites papers from naval architects, class societies, operators, researchers, and builders on all related topics, including:

  • All aspects of design – hydrodynamics, structures, layout
  • Interior design, leisure, entertainment and hotel features
  • Smart ship technology to enhance the passenger experience
  • Operation (on-board noise and vibration to be kept to a minimum…)
  • Current & future regulation & classification
  • Managing environmental impact
  • Innovative powering & propulsion solutions
  • Emergency response, LSA and MES

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