Less Weight

Our collaborating specialists have developed an array of revolutionary light weight products for building ships.

  • Isover
  • Feather
  • Glass solutions that combine great strength and many optional extras with an average weight, some 25 to 46% lower than that of standard glass types
  • Innovative mineral wool insulation materials that are 40 to 50% lighter than traditional stone wool insulating materials, while possessing the same fire-resistant, thermal and acoustic qualities
  • Solutions for wall and ceiling systems and interior finishing, based on specialist non-combustible gypsum boards, with outstanding fire resisting qualities
  • Light-weight flooring systems that are easy to apply, while offering high levels of noise reduction. In combination with our special light weight mineral wool insulation; 
  • Military applications that can combine multiple functions in glass such as bullet resistance, explosion resistant, radar blocking and more, while still keeping a low weight.