More Comfort

Our collaborating specialists can increase on-board comfort for you by offering

    • glass-door
    • optimera-chipboard
    • Antivlam® Class 0 Chipboard Fire retardant chipboard with excellent fire retardant properties for use in dry conditions. Suitable for industrial processing for interior decoration and furniture production, the board can be refined with, among others, paper, melamine, laminate or veneer.
    • Wall and floor tiles with antipollution, antibacterial and self-cleaning qualities;
    • Soundproof floors, walls and wall coverings that reduce the noise between two rooms;
    • Wall coverings which improve interior air quality by reducing the level of formaldehyde in the room;
    • Electrically heated glazing; such as radiators that can heat wet cells and public spaces;
    • Gypsum boards that offer new architectural possibilities (which can be curved down to a radius of 600 mm) and our glass solutions with a multitude of combinations;
    • Privacy glass for separating interior spaces. And also: coloured glass to set the tone or enhance the character and mood of a room;
    • Sound protection combined with excellent thermal insulation performances – provided by our high performing mineral wool.
    • High performance thermo floors with heating cables for floor heating