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Creating a vessel whose design optimises costs, compliance and aesthetics.

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Benefit - Design

Combining aesthetics and functionality

As we well know, design is about much more than aesthetics. It means creating something that simultaneously considers objective, function, economics and aesthetics. Well-designed products not only fulfil a specific role, but can save time, increase enjoyment and allow us to focus on other activities.  

In shipbuilding, the initial design for any project requires a well-defined, validated hull form, arrangements, equipment specifications and overall vessel requirements – which can then be turned into a complete functional design of the vessel. At every point, ship designers and naval architects have choices to make to reduce the ship design and construction cycle, limit costs, and ensure safe ship operations. The benefits of efficient design are wide ranging and wide reaching, including enhanced ship utilisation rates, improved fuel efficiency and ease of environmental compliance. In addition, elegant design choices can create visually appealing spaces that are enjoyable for both crew and passengers during their time onboard. 

Through the wide range of reliable shipbuilding materials – from walls and ceilings to glazing – supplied by our leading marine brands, Saint-Gobain Marine can help you: 

  • Reduce bulk and weight to create more space 

  • Enjoy more freedom when designing your layout  

  • Offer a visually appealing, qualitative finish 

  • Increase luminosity and a sense of wellbeing 

  • Respect all safety and environmental regulations  


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Designing interiors that are luminous, open and appealing

Daylight and outdoors views are essential to enhance visual comfort onboard and can help you optimise your vessel design. Your choice of glazing enables you to let in more daylight to create a sense of space in a confined interior. For example, using SageGlass Marine’s dynamic glass to create interior windows or glazed panels creates the impression of a much more open layout, while providing different levels of glare protection and daylight entry for a constant, comfortable environment. 

Glazing can also add distinctive elements to make the vessel more welcoming and comfortable. Vetrotech provides coloured glass and film interlayers, screen-printed designs and textures, as well as sound reduction, climate control and privacy options. Enhanced design and premium finishes are essential to meet and exceed passenger expectations, especially for commercial vessels such as cruises and ferries

How can your choice of walls and ceilings optimise your vessel design?

Thinner, more compact materials not only reduce the weight of your vessel but also give you more available space and more design choices. Gyproc’s lightweight non-combustible gypsum board (MED approved) for walls and ceilings are flexible, meaning you can be more creative when it comes to the vessel layout. Strong and durable with an ultra-smooth surface, they are ideal for high-end interior linings on straight or curved walls and partitions.  

Acoustic ceilings and wall panels, like those from Ecophon, enable you to optimise the acoustics of the different rooms and spaces in your vessel for a comfortable indoor environment. At the same time, they also prioritise flexibility and tailored aesthetics with a wide range of edge designs, forms, colors, levels and installation options for premium surfaces and bold design choices.

Optimise design across your vessel

Marine glazing


SageGlass® offers a premium alternative to blinds or shades, providing reliable year-round indoor comfort with a clear view to the outdoors. 

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With the Vetrotech range and decorative glazing solutions, you can create open, pleasant and premium spaces for living and working.

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Marine ceilings and walls


Gypsum boards with an ultra-smooth surface offer high-end interior linings and creative interior design possibilities for straight and curved walls and partitions. 

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Acoustic ceilings and wall panels that create optimal room acoustics and comfortable indoor environments while blending seamlessly with all interior styles. 

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Premium radomes offering aesthetic versatility with unique shapes that integrate with or complement the vessel’s architecture.

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Beyond design

Design choices are based on a multitude of considerations and criteria. With multiple benefits, Saint-Gobain Marine solutions can simultaneously optimise the performance of your vessel in different ways. Lower weight materials offer more design options as well as energy, fuel and CO2 emission savings. Flexible wall panels can also ensure enhanced fire-resistance to help you meet demanding safety requirements to protect both passengers and crew. What’s more, thinner insulation can save space and provide high thermal performance to reduce heat loss for a comfortable environment and reduced energy bill.