High-Performance Glass

Discover glazing solutions for your hull, upper structure and interiors that provide enhanced protection and passenger experience.

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Application - High performance glass

Why high-performance glazing matters in marine

Glazing is one of the main ways we can have a positive impact on visual comfort, as well as creating a constant temperature and pleasant living and working spaces. Your choice of glazing can also contribute to the performance of your passive fire strategy and protect the vessel from high pressure waves and possible attacks.  

Achieving the right balance between light transmission, glare reduction and insulating capacity will play a significant role in enhancing your vessel design and operations. Efficient glazing reduces HVAC consumption and – when combined with lighter weight solutions – helps limit CO2 emissions. 



Multifunctional light-weight glass solutions offering thermal insulation, fire resistance and solar control. 
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Armoured glass for navy ships for protection, thermal insulation and fire resistance. 
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Smart glass solutions that can be tinted on demand to control light, heat and glare. 
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Together, we can build glazing solutions adapted to your needs and vessel. 


Pressure and fire-resistance for a safe hull

Vessels are subject to different risks. They need to be protected from high pressure, fires and diverse kinds of attack, including blasts, bullets and electromagnetic interference. Chemical reinforcement or foil interlays can up to double resistance compared to standard tempered glass while high-strain tempered glass substrate can ensure the pane stays intact in the event of a fire. For example, VETROTECH’s CONTRAFLAM Marine thermally toughened safety glass has a transparent intumescent silicate-based interlayer that reacts when exposed to fire to meet demanding fire safety requirements. 

Application - Glass - Hull

Upper structure

Clear vision and daylight above sea level

Glass can significantly reduce your energy costs (and therefore total cost of ownership) by helping you manage the ambient temperature and limit the weight of your vessel. Certain glass coatings have a tinted appearance that provides thermal control, reduces reflection levels and increases privacy. Electronically tintable glass, like SageGlass®, can be silently tinted either automatically or manually. This kind of glass provides year-round indoor comfort with clear outdoor views, while blocking up to 91% of solar heat and preventing glare with no need for blinds or shades. 

Application - Glass - Upper structure


Luminous, open and appealing spaces

By letting in more daylight, glazing helps create a sense of space within often confined interiors. Using dynamic glass for interior windows or glazed panels offers a much more open layout, while providing tailored levels of glare protection and daylight entry to offer passengers and crew members a comfortable environment. Glazing also creates a multitude of aesthetic possibilities to make your vessel more welcoming. For example, Vetrotech offers coloured glass and film interlayers, screen-printed designs and textures, in addition to high levels of sound reduction, thermal control and privacy. Choosing enhanced design and premium finishes contributes to a better passenger experience, especially for a commercial vessel such as a cruise ship or ferry. 

Application - Glass - Interior

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