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A strategic ally for your ship building project

Your choice of lining and ceiling solutions will have a wide-reaching impact onboard. Depending on your requirements, they can help optimise space, reduce the weight of your vessel, absorb sound and vibrations, while also opening a multitude of design possibilities for maximum flexibility, adaptability and aesthetics.  

At the same time, your linings and ceilings need to withstand challenging conditions, from frequent movement and swaying to fast-changing weather conditions. This why our brands at Saint-Gobain Marine strive to provide the widest possible choice of panels, materials and solutions adapted to different needs, environments and budgets – from huge cruise ships to offshore platforms. 


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Our brands for Marine Linings & Ceilings


Gypsum boards offering high-end interior linings and creative interior design possibilities for straight and curved walls and partitions. 
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Acoustic ceilings and wall panels for optimal room acoustics and comfortable indoor environments. 
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Stretch ceilings and walls made from lightweight, highly resistant coverings for all your marine projects. 
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Flexible design to enhance your interiors

Choosing thinner, more compact materials significantly reduces the weight of your vessel. But this isn’t the only advantage. They also provide more available space and additional design possibilities. For example, Gyproc’s lightweight non-combustible gypsum board (MED approved) for linings and ceilings are flexible and easily adapt to different vessel layouts. They can be used to create ultra-smooth surfaces for straight or curved walls and partitions.  

As well as creating a more comfortable indoor environment by reducing noise and vibrations, flexible acoustic ceilings and wall panels from Ecophon also enable you to tailor your interiors. You can choose from a wide range of edge designs, forms, colours, levels and installation options to achieve premium surfaces and high-end aesthetics. 

Stretch ceilings and walls provide a versatile alternative for construction and renovation projects, which is cost-effective and easy to adapt to any design requirements. For example, Clipso’s knitted polyester fabric is coated with polyurethane to combine the unique aesthetic of a monolithic finish with functionality, durability and easy installation. 

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Maximum acoustic comfort for passengers and crew 

Wall-to-wall acoustic ceilings, like those by Ecophon, are often the easiest way to achieve a large sound-absorbing surface area that reduces sound strength, shortens reverberation times, and increases speech clarity and overall hearing comfort. Placing different kinds of sound absorbers – such as wall-mounted panels – in strategic places will further enhance your sound environment. 

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Durable performance and lower costs 

Subject to constant movement onboard, interior walls, partitions and ceiling must be robust to provide a stable structure. Gyproc’s Rigidur H Marine gypsum fibreboards combine rigidity, durability, mechanical strength and scratch resistance. They also fulfil MED requirements for non-combustibility. Stretch ceilings and walls can help you reduce costs by revamping an existing wall or ceiling or adapting to very specific design constraints. What’s more, by choosing a lightweight solution, you can also reduce the weight of your interior linings, thus limiting fuel consumption and increasing payload. 

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