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Saint-Gobain Marine brings together leading international brands to help build your maritime projects, from passenger ships to navy vessels and offshore installations.

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Raising the standard at sea

By combining the experience of complementary brands with specific areas of expertise – including technical insulation, high-performance flooring solutions, high-performance glass, walls & ceilings, valve packages and coating solutions – we provide a wide range of sustainable shipbuilding materials for different applications and develop complete solutions for your needs as a ship owner, naval architect, or shipyard. 

As well as advanced sustainable marine and offshore solutions, our 360° service includes: 

  • Wide product coverage  

  • Specification assistance 

  • Project follow-up  

  • Digital support 

  • Close collaboration 

  • Product training 


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Benefit from the combined expertise of leading international specialists

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 Tomorrow’s shipbuilding

As climate change accelerates, sustainable choices are more important than ever to drive greater energy efficiency and lower environmental impact. Together, we can contribute to reducing carbon emissions by at least 40% by 2030, by choosing energy-efficient technologies, cleaner fuels and lighter, more environmentally friendly materials and solutions – which are tested and certified according to IMO regulations to ensure quality and safety are never compromised. Together, we can focus on performance and design in every choice we make, while always keeping cost in mind.  

So, let’s prioritise sustainability, enhance safety and embrace technology to shape the future of our industry. 


Discover our sustainable vision

Empowered and supported by Saint-Gobain

As part of the Saint-Gobain group, our brands draw on the experience, know-how and resources of a leading international group: 

  • More than 350 years of experience 

  • 167,000+ employees 

  • 800+ manufacturing sites across 70 countries 

  • Top 100 most innovative groups for last 9 years 

  • Committed to carbon-neutrality by 2050 

10 reasons to choose Saint-Gobain Marine for your project


1. Reduce your environmental impact 

Committed to green shipbuilding, our Saint-Gobain Marine brands can help reduce the environmental impact of your marine projects. Ultra-lightweight solutions keep weight to a minimum to reduce energy consumption and emissions. 

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2. Optimise thermal comfort on your vessel

Prioritising comfort and energy savings, our brands have developed tailored high-performance thermal insulation solutions. So, you can offer passengers and crew a comfortable, well-balanced environment throughout the year. 

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3. Create a calm, quiet atmosphere

With a selection of advanced acoustic insulation solutions, limit unwanted noise and vibrations for enhanced passenger and crew wellbeing. Choose from a wide array of acoustic products for sound reduction and soundproofing. 

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4. Offer an enjoyable visual experience

Maximise daylight and offer panoramic views with a wide choice of glazing options. Capable of withstanding extreme conditions, our solutions create a more pleasant experience by reducing glare and preventing condensation. 

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5. Adapt the design to fit your needs

With an array of customizable solutions, enjoy maximum design freedom, while respecting regulations and safety requirements. Choose the elements most adapted to your project – whether you are looking to reduce weight or save space – to combine functionality and aesthetics. 

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6. Prioritise fire safety

Protect passengers, crew and the vessel by preventing and limiting fire risks on board. Composed of non-combustible materials, our fire-resistant solutions are all fire-rated and IMO-certified to create a safe environment. 

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7. Protect your vessel and crews  

Ensure your vessel is secure and respects IMO regulations with advanced maritime solutions that protect from high pressure and extreme conditions, as well as blasts, bullets and electromagnetic interference. 

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8. Increase the longevity of your vessel  

Keep wear and corrosion to a minimum with robust materials and solutions designed for long-term performance. Our products are also designed to reduce maintenance. 

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9. Maximise profitability and minimise running costs

Make your vessels as profitable as possible by optimising total cost of ownership with sustainable, energy-efficient solutions that generate significant weight and cost savings over time. 

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10. Simplify and speed up installation

Keep installation costs under control with solutions that are fast and easy to install. A combination of optimised logistics, lightweight solutions, on-site training and qualified installers facilitate transport, storage and installation. 

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