Multifunctional lightweight glass solutions combining thermal insulation, fire and pressure resistance and solar control. 

Prioritising safety and comfort

Founded in 1984, Vetrotech has been specialising in fire-resistant safety glass for more than 40 years. As a dedicated BU within the Saint-Gobain Group for Marine Glazing Solutions, Vetrotech develops solutions for all kinds of vessels – from chemical tankers to cruise ships – across applications ranging from sound insulated glass for interiors to heated glass for wheelhouses. 

The Vetrotech Marine team is committed to developing the most suitable solutions for each project. By achieving the right balance between light transmission, glare reduction and insulating capacity, they provide a wide range of high-quality multifunctional glazing to tackle any marine and offshore specification. 

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Multiple benefits in one product 

  • Fire resistance: high strain tempered glass to keep the pane intact and slow flame spread 

  • Energy efficiency: reduce heat loss and glare to maintain a constant temperature 

  • Heated glass: prevent condensation and freezing in extreme conditions 

  • Pressure and attack: prioritise crew and passenger safety and protect your vessel  

  • Design and comfort: enjoy greater freedom and enhanced aesthetics  


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The wide range of solutions for different applications, in particular premium coating solutions and lightweight materials – offered from one supplier via a worldwide partner network – helps contribute to the perception of Vetrotech as a quality brand. 



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High performance. Lower environmental impact

Through solutions such as Stadip® Lite laminated safety glass, Vetrotech provides multi-performance products offering a combination of benefits (thermal control and heating, fire, pressure and bullet resistance), while being up to 40% lighter than conventional solutions. Using less glass requires fewer natural resources and generates weight savings, which in turn reduces fuel and HVAC consumption for lower emissions. 

Vetrotech is a world leader in marine glazing solutions

  • Since 1980 

  • Operating in 66 countries 

  • Manufacturing in 6 main production sites on 3 continents 

  • World wide network of global partners for the complete window 

  • Certified weigh savings on glazing 

  • Dedicated Business unit within the Saint-Gobain Group for Marine Glazing 

  • Performs over 500 Fire Tests per year 

A brand that innovates to protect us better

The teams at Vetrotech believe that safety comes first, and that people should be granted infallible safety wherever they are. Because when it comes to protecting lives and property, compromise is not an option and full compliance is a must. 



Committed to making living places more secure and ensuring occupants the peace of mind they deserve without ever sacrificing comfort or imposing a choice between life safety and wellbeing. 

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Vetrotech - Fire resistant and protection


Pioneers in passive fire protection and high-security glazed solutions using deep know-how to bring safety to any project and advocate for healthier, more sustainable construction. 


A trusted partner to identify systems adapted to any application or risk scenario – a mission we share with you, today and for the years to come. 

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Benefit - visual comfort - Credit Havila Kystruten Havila


Transforming the near-infinite potential of glass into high-performing, multifunctional solutions that demand no trade-off in function or aesthetics. 


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As part of Saint-Gobain Marine, Vetrotech enhances your marine projects by providing high-performance glazing solutions for an array of applications. 

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