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Armoured glazing solutions that provide enhanced protection for military vessels.

Exacting standards for extreme conditions

For more than 60 years, Saint-Gobain Sully has been working in the global navy market to provide complete window solutions that encompass design, certification, testing, the glass itself, integration and installation. Designed for all kinds of military vessels – from destroyers to amphibious, patrol vessels and frigates – the solutions focus on providing 5 main functionalities (blast, bullet, EMI, heating and fire) as well as solar control and acoustic attenuation, across different applications including the wheelhouse, fly deck and AVCAT. 


Navy glass capabilities

The teams work tirelessly to develop complete solutions including framing, wipers and control, customised to your needs: 

  • Blast resistance 

  • Bullet & fragment resistance 

  • EMI functionalities  

  • Heating & demisting 

  • Fire resistance 

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Quality at every step

In the military, conditions can be extreme, and equipment has to be made to the highest standards to ensure unfailing performance. The glass must be fully transparent to always provide maximum vision. Committed to delivering to any specification, Saint-Gobain Sully ensures that the design and product are certified by the relevant marine organisms, while also focusing on durability. SG FAENAC anti-spall technology doubles the lifetime of the glass by protecting it from delamination, while black edge sealing reduces water infiltration and resists humidity. To ensure uncompromising quality, teams work in partnership with leading experts, for example, safety glass specialist Vetrotech to provide fire-resistant solutions. 


Questions about Saint-Gobain Sully? Not sure what kind of glass to choose? A specific project in mind? 

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We deliver complete solutions from customer specification to on-board installation – combining quality and durability to ensure perfect vision through glass that can resist extreme conditions and protect personnel.  


Pierre-Yves ZINI

Marine Business Manager - Saint-Gobain Sully

Complete turnkey solutions  

Saint-Gobain Sully’s complete window solutions encompass design according to your requirements and all relevant standards, certification, testing (such as ballistic and shock), the glass itself – blast and bullet resistance, EMI functionalities, heating and demisting, fire resistant, acoustic attenuation – and can integrate the frame, wipers, controls and sunscreens, as well as on-board installation. All solutions are easy to install including the ready-to-fit MILLENIUM® frame.

To provide an answer from the customer's specifications to the installation on board, we position ourselves as a system solution provider. Sometimes we even supply the glass in its frame, the wiper systems, control systems and transformers. We come up with a comprehensive package. 


Pierre-Yves ZINI

Marine Business Manager – Saint-Gobain Sully

Saint-Gobain Sully is a leading supplier of armoured glass for navy ships

  • 60+ years of experience 

  • 4-year warranty 

  • +20-year durability  

  • Worldwide client base 

Innovating together

By drawing on 60 years of experience, the latest technologies – including state-of-the-art calculating modules –  and the support of the Saint-Gobain Group, SAINT GOBAIN SULLY is ready to tackle any client specification and develop certified solutions that combine quality and durability. 



Always looking for new ways to overcome obstacles and improve products for superior performance.

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brand - sully


Understanding and meeting your requirements to provide complete solutions adapted to your environment. 


Focusing on the details that deliver reliable, long-term performance in line with international regulations and certifications.

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brand - sully


Dedicated teams to guide you at every step of the project from design to installation, and beyond. 


Pierre-Yves ZINI - Saint-Gobain Sully

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As one of our trusted Saint-Gobain Marine brands, Saint-Gobain Sully adds value to your navy marine projects, across an array of applications and sectors, in partnership with other leading suppliers. 

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