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Flexible flooring solutions for challenging conditions at sea

The floors in any kind of vessel are subject to extreme stress, from knocks and vibrations to tremors and shrinkage. Robust, durable floor products and systems specified for ships and oil platforms therefore play an essential role in the performance of your vessel. Depending on your specifications and requirements, your flooring can also contribute to sound absorption, thermal comfort and enhanced fire safety. Choosing lighter solutions reduces the weight of your vessel for significant fuel, energy and CO2 emission savings. 

Customised performance

At Saint-Gobain Marine, each flooring system is built layer by layer to provide an optimised solution based on your specific needs across different applications. 


  • Marine floor products: pumpable to reduce screeding time, making it easier and faster to install your primary deck covering 
  • Resin coatings: for all-purpose usage or specific requirements such as bearing high mechanical loads and defying chemical contamination 
  • Marine A60 floors: for fire-insulating constructions with non-combustible materials 
  • dD floors: insulation against air, impact and structure-borne sound 
  • Waterproofing: products designed to avoid problems created by moisture in wet areas 
  • Thermofloors: heated flooring for enhanced comfort in living areas 
  • Marine boards: poplar plywood that is fire-retardant or impregnated against biological attacks 

Looking for a specific flooring solution to meet complex requirements? Not sure which materials to use for your flooring? 

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A wide range of marine-specific solutions from primary deck covering to sound dampening flooring and fire-resistant marine boards. 
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Choosing your marine flooring

It can be difficult to know where to start with so many materials, technologies and products available. Here are some of the factors to consider when designing and building your marine flooring. 

Versatile floor systems 

Your choices will be determined by your product requirements. With a layered construction, your system can provide a combination of benefits in addition to strength and durability. dB flooring can dampen sound and vibrations if it has sufficiently low dynamic stiffness. Thermal flooring enhances comfort in accommodation areas for a more enjoyable passenger and crew experience, especially in colder climates and winter months. By ensuring even heat distribution, the room remains warmer to help reduce your HVAC costs. Fire-resistant flooring also contributes to an effective passive fire protection strategy by limiting or slowing flame spread within the vessel. Flooring that is DNV A-60 approved is suitable for ships and oil platforms requiring fire insulating constructions where the material must be non-combustible according to IMO rules. 

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Easy-to-install floor products 

You will find a wide range of different products depending on the type of deck, desired floor covering, weight constraints, among other factors. Self-levelling options simplify installation, while pumpable products reduce the time needed for screeding. For example, weberfloor products enable you to install primary deck covering up to 300 m2/hr that is walkable after one to three hours. Floor covering can be laid after just one to three days.  

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Resin coatings 

High-quality resin coating products with well-balanced properties can be used all-purpose for a wide range of applications, thus reducing stockage. On the other hand, specific coating systems can be designed to meet specific requirements including high wear resistance against loads and chemicals, slip-resistance, and smooth seamless, decorative surfaces.

Application - flooring

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