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Brødrene Dahl is one of Norway’s leading technological trade companies. With collections covering all product areas, from bathroom furniture to thermal installation products, the brand is a one-stop shop. For the Marine & Offshore sector, the teams offer a wide selection of valves, actuators and piping from trusted suppliers. 

Brødrene Dahl was set up by two brothers in 1866 in Denmark, before expanding in Norway and Sweden in 1917. Over the years, the brand has grown and expanded its catalogue. In 2004, it was bought by Saint-Gobain with the aim of enhancing and diversifying the Group’ offering. With local logistics and service centres, Brødrene Dahl has the flexibility to deliver the right products to tight deadlines.

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Discover an array of solutions for your Marine & Offshore applications: 

  • Fire safety 

  • Ballasting system 

  • Cooling water 

  • Fuel system 

  • Hydraulics 

  • Water supplies 

  • Ventilation (pipes) 

  • Exhaust 

  • Wastewater 


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All your HVAC and piping​ needs

Working with trusted, certified partners, Brødrene Dahl sources and supplies a wide range of high-quality pipes, pipefittings and valves, hot water boilers, underfloor heating, panels, convectors and heat pumps​. Teams can help you choose the right valves based on the pressure, temperature and type of fluid. At workshops in Langhus and Ålesund, the teams assemble your components and carry out all necessary testing to deliver complete systems adapted to your requirements.


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Our DNA is working together with customers to deliver the right products at the right time. We are strongly committed to our customers and our mission is to make their working day easier. We want to be a one-stop shop that creates value in the Marine sector. 


Egil Hoem

Sales Manager - BRØDRENE DAHL

Local presence, global footprint

This Norwegian wholesaler has 50 outlets located all over Norway and is the largest supplier to Norwegian shipyards. To be close to customers, the main office of Brødrene Dahl Marine is located in Ålesund, in the maritime cluster on the West Coast of Norway. 

Brødrene Dahl belongs to the Saint-Gobain Group, which is ranked among the top 100 industrial groups in the world. The brand draws on Saint-Gobain’s 350 years of history, nearly 193 000 employees and operations in 64 countries.

A leading Maritime wholesaler for valves, actuators and piping

  • Set up more than 150 years ago in 1866 

  • 1,000 employees 

  • More than 29 000 products in stock

Your total supplier

With the aim of being the leading value creator in the Marine sector, Brødrene Dahl works closely with shipyards to add more value at every step – from technical support to extended guarantees, flexible just-in-time deliveries and materials certified to world-class standards.


High-quality, certified products are selected from well-known suppliers.

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Teams work closely with customers to ensure timely project completion and material delivery worldwide.


Skilled teams optimise project administration, commissioning and quality control. 




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As one of our Saint-Gobain Marine brands, Brødrene Dahl can help optimise your Marine and Offshore projects, across an array of applications and sectors, in partnership with other leading industry suppliers. 

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