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Keeping your vessel performing at its best for longer.

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Ensuring your vessels are built to last

Referring to the quality of being able to last a long time without becoming damaged, durability is at the heart of shipbuilding. Nearly every surface on a ship is under constant attack, whether from the wind, waves, rain or heavy loads. Heavy and constant usage of interior spaces like cabin also increases wear and tear, particularly in ferries and cruise ships. Robust materials ensure the vessel can fulfil its role – whether carrying passengers, cargo or as an oil platform – as effectively as possible. 


Building a durable vessel is a long-term investment with a positive impact at every level: 

  • Reduce maintenance and repairs for lower total cost of ownership

  • Create a safer, more pleasant environment for passengers and crew 

  • Limit environmental impact by replacing material less often and therefore using fewer resources

How can you make your vessels more durable?

The choice of materials has a significant impact on the lifespan of your interiors and exteriors. As technologies become more advanced and new materials are developed, you have an ever-wider selection to choose from. At Saint-Gobain Marine, we strive to create products with a long lifespan, while also reducing their environmental impact.  


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How can the choice of coating make your vessel more durable?

One of the most effective ways to prevent and control corrosion is applying coatings to parts that are most susceptible, such as the hull that sits below the waterline. Hull coatings aim to protect the steel from corrosion while also keeping the surface smooth and frictionless. One of the most effective methods is thermal spraying whereby work pieces are coated with a metallic (metallizing) coating of zinc or aluminium that is used as a sacrificial coating to protect the underlying components. For example, Saint-Gobain Coating solution has developed Thermal Spray Aluminium (TSA) applied using its lightweight Z-Jet wire flame spray that protects all metal structures even in the most aggressive marine and coastal environments. Metallization provides a 4 to 5 times longer lifetime than paint solutions due to its passive and galvanic protection.

Preventing corrosion under insulation

Cold-water pipes attract moisture in the warm air causing condensation to form on the outside of the water supply lines, especially with high humidity and temperatures. To tackle this challenge, Kaimann has developed a specific flexible elastomeric insulating foam, Kaiflex®. With a built-in vapor barrier, it is an ideal material for thermally insulating HVAC or chilled water pipes on ships. By preventing condensation, it protects against corrosion (CUI), as well as providing additional protection from mould and microorganisms.

How to choose your durable interior walls and partitions

Often weightbearing, interior walls and partitions need to be robust to ensure a stable structure and lasting performance. A solution like Rigidur H Marine gypsum fibreboard from Gyproc combines rigidity, durability, mechanical strength and scratch resistance, while also being a fire safety material that fulfils MED requirements for non-combustibility. Reducing the weight of your interior linings also contributes to reducing fuel consumption and increasing payload.

Make your vessels more durable across all applications

Coating solutions


A broad range of thermal spray equipment and consumables​ to protect parts and machinery against abrasion, erosion, corrosion and high-temperature oxidation.

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Partitions and ceilings


Rigidur Marine gypsum board offers superior rigidity, durability and mechanical strength with a surface hardness of 35N/mm2. 

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Made with high-performance materials, Sheergard radomes are highly durable providing resistance to impact, corrosion and moisture for optimised communication at all times. 

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Technical insulation


A range of flexible elastomeric foam insulation products for cold water pipes to prevent condensation and consequent corrosion and premature aging.

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A wide selection of robust valves, actuators and piping from trusted suppliers, designed to withstand extreme conditions.

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Complete armoured glazing solutions including framing, wipers and control offering durable protection for military vessels.

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Beyond durability

As well as keeping your vessel performing at its best for longer, our solutions also bring together many other benefits. For example, our durable insulation and interior walls are also fire resistant. We have also reduced the weight of many of our solutions to help you lower your fuel, HVAC consumption and environmental impact.