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Total Cost of Installation

Optimising and accelerating installation to ensure maximum product performance, while reducing costs.

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Benefit - cost of installation

For any marine project, the total cost of installing the different materials, from flooring to walls, is a key factor to consider. The larger the project, the higher the costs and greater the stakes. Simplifying handling, transportation, storage and installation of your materials will play an important role in reducing your budget and speeding completion. Bulky materials take up a lot of space when transported and stored. Heavy materials require more equipment and workers to reach your vessel. While complex installation methods and materials have to be installed by a highly qualified workforce and may make it harder to meet your deadlines.

How can you reduce your installation costs? 

  1. Save valuable installation time

With lighter products that are ready-to-install

  1. Support less skilled installers

With solutions that are easy to handle and install including self-adhesive options

  1. Reduce transport and storage costs

With light, compressible solutions that take up less space

  1. Provide dedicated services for installers

With additional support for project management, commissioning, quality control and more 


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Why do lighter solutions make a difference?

The heavier your materials the harder and more costly they are to transport, handle and install. Lighter solutions require less labour, lorries and other equipment. For example, ISOVER U Sea Protect insulation is up to 50% lighter than standard stone wool and available as compressible rolls that are easy to transport, while also providing excellent fire protection, thermal and acoustic properties. Let’s not forget that less weight also means less fuel and HVAC consumption.

Innovation to make installation easier

The installation method has a major impact on the time and costs involved. Drawing on innovative systems and new materials, suppliers can make installation much simpler. Kaimann provides self-adhesive tubes for cold pipe insulation. ISOVER has developed a Quick-Cover system whereby pliable ULTIMATE products can be easily bent on top of stiffeners heads And Sully’s MILLENIUM® frame features patented technology for “ready-to-fit-in” windows.

How can you install your flooring more quickly?

Depending on the size of your vessel, you may need to lay many metres or even kilometres of flooring. One way to speed up installation is opting for pump-applied screeds, like weberfloor screeds that are premixed, pumpable and self-compacting and levelling. You can apply up to 300m2 per hour using a mixer pump, your floor is ready for foot traffic after just 1-3 hours and floor covering can then be laid after 1-3 days.

What is the easiest way to apply anti-corrosion coating?

Metallization is one of the most effective methods to prevent corrosion. Covering exposed parts of the vessel with a thin layer of zinc or aluminium, used as a sacrificial coating, protects the underlying components. Coatings produced by spraying molten metal have high adhesion to the substrate and resistance to shocks and scratches. Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions has developed a range of metal coatings applied with the specially designed Z-Jet wire flame spray – which is extremely easy to handle at 200*150*90 mm and under 2 kilogrammes.

Reduce the total cost of installation for all your applications

Technical insulation


Optimised product features including low weight, roll formats and an innovative Quick-Cover system, as well as high compressibility to limit transport and storage space.

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Pipe supports and a full range of self-adhesive tubes and accessories for faster installation.

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Marine flooring


Pumpable products that reduce the time needed for screeding enabling you to install up to 300 m2/hr of primary deck covering. 

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Valve packages


Optimised logistics with worldwide delivery arranged by select partners to make installation quicker and easier and provide specialist assistance to integrate multiple values across the vessel.

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Glazing solutions


Ready-to-install windows with a unique frame technology to minimise installation time​.

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Technical coatings


Easy-to-apply coatings and equipment for fast application​.

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Beyond total cost of installation

As well as being fast and easy to install, our solutions combine numerous advantages to optimise your construction and operations. Lightweight insulation also reduces your fuel and HVAC consumption. Pumpable self-levelling floors screeds are also ultra-flat, smooth and thin with fire resistant properties.